Where to begin?

Villekulla Flora began with a dream to share the infinite possibilities that arise from asking, “Aside from food, what other forms of nourishment does the land around us have to offer?”

The journey began in 2014 when I discovered basket weaving. I spent that summer riding my bike around the city searching for willow, approaching shrubs that called out to me, bending their branches, tying blades of grass into knots, digging up cedar roots, peeling bark, discovering fiber-- essentially, I was exploring and playing with nature. This was when I decided that I wanted to grow crops in order to share the gift of pleasure, exploration and creativity.

In spring 2016, my nana passed away. A few weeks later I began working at Fresh Cut flower farm. The grief was overwhelming. My nana raised me and I had been caring for her (and her garden) through her transition out of this life. The flowers held me in my grief and I tended to the fields with all the love I had for my nana that year and it was so healing I knew I needed to continue my relationship with flowers.

So here we are. This year starting out it’s me, the flora, my whispering ancestors, and the love and support of friends, family, community and collaborators. Thanks to Robbie Moore at Black Dog Farm and Chris McGrane at Buffalo Street Farm, Villekulla Flora has a range of luxurious bedspace, diverse landscape and two hoophouses to grow flowers and herbs in this season. They have generously shared their land and it is an honor to work in community with them.

Villekulla Flora is in the process of purchasing half an acre, alongside Black Dog Farm, with exciting plans for expansion in 2020. With this land will come more opportunity to further explore the dreams that began this journey back in 2014 and to expand the collective, creative possibilities for healing in our community. While Villekulla Flora is so much more than a commercial flower operation, this year we will be focusing specifically on cut flowers. Please let us know what you would like to see, experience or learn in the future and stay tuned to discover what other offerings might arise. I know this is going to be a really special adventure.

With Gratitude,

Ollie (they/them/theirs)